Quality Name Plate AS9100 Quality System

Use this page to access QNP's Quality Manual, Operating Procedures, and Forms.

4 Quality management system

QM-421-01 Quality Manual

OP-423-01 Documentation Format

OP-423-02 Internal Documentation Identification and Numbering

OP-423-03 Approval and Issue of Quality System Documentation

OP-423-04 Control of External Documents

Pdf image of QNP's Certification of Registration
to ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C

Cert for 3-17-2014 thru 3-16-2017

Cert for 3-16-2017 thru 9-14-2018

OP-423-05 Control of Customer Blueprints and Information

OP-424-01 Control of Quality Records

5 Management responsibility

Management Responsibility Policies in the Quality Manual

6 Resource management

Resource Management Policies in the Quality Manual

Note: signed copies of training records are available in the QC department. See Brian Darby for access.

7 Product realization

OP-710-01 Quality Planning

OP-721-01 United Technologies Operating Procedure

OP-722-01 Review of Contract Requirements

OP-741-01 Purchasing

OP-743-01 Verification of Purchased Product
OP-743-02 Counterfeit Avoidance and Mitigation

OP-751-01 FOD Program

OP-753-01 Product Identification and Traceability

Material Control Label FM-743-01 - Note: This is available as both a pdf and an eps
click here for a letter sized -sheet of FM-743-01 as a pdf

OP-753-02 Inspection and Test Status

OP-753-03 Control and Issuance of Stamps

OP-754-01 Control of Customer Property

FM-754-02 Customer Supplied Product Labels

OP-755-01 Preservation of Product

OP-760-01 Control of Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment

Calibration Decal - Note: This is a Composer file that must be opened and printed by the Thermaplot department.

8 Measurement, analysis and improvement

OP-821-01 Customer Satisfaction

OP-822-01 Internal Quality Audits

OP-824-01 Production Inspections

Need more Hold, Scrap or Rework Tags?
Ask the Thermaplot/Mimaki Department to print some more or print them yourself.

HOLD Tag - 4 up for 8.5" x 11" paper or 8 up for a larger printer
SCRAP Tag - 4 up for 8.5" x 11" paper or 8 up for a larger printer
REWORK Tag - 4 up for 8.5" x 11" paper or 8 up for a larger printer

OP-830-01Control of Non-Conforming Product

OP-830-02 Customer Complaints

OP-836-01 Change Impact Analysis

OP-852-01 Corrective Action

OP-853-01 Preventive Action


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