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Control of Customer Property

Control of Customer Property: OP-754-01 Revision C

Effective Date:1/2/2012
Owner Approval by Barry Ralston, Vice President, on 1/2/2012
Management Approval by Craig O. Garneau, President, on 1/2/2012

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    To provide a consistent process to identify, verify, protect, and safeguard customer property maintained at Quality Name Plate.


    The table below identifies the people and their responsibility relating to this procedure:




    Receiving Personnel

    Receives and inspects customer supplied product upon delivery.

    Identifies customer property with required information.

    Places customer property in designated areas.

    Customer Service Personnel

    Receives customer owned reference material

    Identify and attach customer owned reference material to the appropriate Customer Purchase Order or Shop Order

    Advises the customer of damage, deterioration or otherwise unfit condition of customer property

    Department Supervisor

    Establish storage areas designed to safeguard customer property against damage and/or deterioration while at QNP.

    Advises the customer of damage, deterioration or otherwise unfit condition of customer property

    Engineering Personnel

    Identifies customer property on shop order.

    Arranges for return of customer owned reference material.

    Production Personnel

    Tracks customer property with shop order.


    The table below identifies the number and the title of the forms and references that are applicable to this procedure;

    Form/Reference Number



    Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations

    OP-423-05 Control of Customer Supplied Blueprints and Information


    Quality Planning


    Verification of Purchased Product

    FM-710-01 Shop Order


    Customer Supplied Property Loss/Damage Report


    Customer Supplied Product label


    1. Customer property maintained at QNP is classified into 3 groups:

      1. Tooling, which includes Production Dies and Machinery.
      2. Substrates and Materials, which include ruler clips, card stock, sealing plastic, barcode labels, and bank stock.
      3. Reference Materials, which include films, product samples, electronic media, artwork, and color samples.

    2. Customer Supplied Product is handled in a manner similar to product owned by Quality Name Plate.

    3. Customer Supplied substrates and materials are identified by FM-754-02, Customer Supplied Product Label.

    4. Segregated areas designated for customer supplied substrates and materials are to safeguard the product from damage, deterioration, and unintentional use.

    5. Customer supplied reference material that the customer does not wish to have returneds is controlled according to OP-423-05, Control of Customer Supplied Blueprints and Information.

    6. Should any customer supplied product become lost, damaged, or otherwise unsuitable for use, the product's disposition shall be reported to the customer within 2 working days by QNP Customer Service Personnel. A record of the loss/damage shall be recorded on FM-754-01 Customer Supplied Property Loss/Damage Report.


    The control of customer supplied product involves the following individual procedures:

    5.1 Receiving and Control of Customer Property.
    Use the steps in the table below to control customer supplied materials and supplies.



    Person(s) Responsible


    Shipment is received and inspected per OP-743-01, Verification of Purchased Product and is identified as Customer Supplied Material.
    Note: any damage to product found upon receipt is to be processed per OP-743-01 and policy 6 of this procedure.

     Receiving Personnel


    Attach a completed Customer Supplied Product Labels, FM-742-02, to each container in the shipment.

     Receiving Personnel


    Place the product in the designated customer supplied product holding area.

     Receiving Personnel

    5.2 Control of Customer Supplied Reference Material
    Use the steps in the table below to control customer supplied films, product samples, electronic media, artwork, and color samples.



     Person(s) Responsible


    Customer supplied reference material is received, it is determined that the customer requires it to be returned, and is matched to the appropriate customer purchase order, quote, and/or shop order, FM-710-01

    Customer Service Personnel


    Mark the customer supplied reference material in an appropriate manner with:

    • "To Be Returned"
    • Customer Name
    • Shop Order Number.

    Use FM-742-02, Customer Property Label, as appropriate

     Engineering Personnel


    Indicate on the Shop Order, FM-710-01, that customer supplied reference material is to be returned. This information is marked so that it will come to the attention of Shipping Personnel upon shipment of the order.
    Reference: OP-710-01, Quality Planning

     Engineering Personnel


    Upon shipment of the order, contact Engineering Department to return reference material.

     Shipping Personnel


    Return customer supplied reference material.

    Engineering Personnel or Shipping Personnel


    Indicate on Shop Order, FM-710-01, that reference material has been returned to the customer with:

    • "Customer Reference Material Returned"
    • Date shipped
    • Name of Carrier
    • Person Responsible

    Engineering Personnl or Shipping Personnel


    The retention duration for records referenced in this procedure are available on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.
    Records are maintained in accordance with OP-424-01 Control of Quality Records.


    Revision, approved date, effective date, and a document change summary for this document is located on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.