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Preservation of Product

Preservation of Product: OP-755-01 Revision C

Effective Date:1/3/2012
Owner Approval by Barry Ralston, Vice President, on 1/3/2012
Management Approval by Craig O. Garneau, President, on 1/3/2012

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    To provide a consistent procedure for the identification, handling, packaging, storage and protection of product in order to preserve conformity and minimize the risk of damage.


    The table below identifies the people and their responsibility relating to this procedure:




    Sales & Engineering Personnel

    Defines and distributes packaging & labeling requirements per customer contract when required.

    Department Supervisors

    Ensure assigned personnel are appropriately trained to operate material handling equipment

    Perform product handling and storage activities.

    Production Personnel
    Shipping Personnel

    Handle and move material/product as needed.

    Receive, store, dispatch, and enter inventory information on Material Control Labels, FM-743-01, as required.

    Performs packaging and labeling per instructions.

    MRB Members
    West Building Supervisor

    Performs disposition of age sensitive materials.


    The table below identifies the number and the title of the forms and references that are applicable to this procedure;

    Form/Reference Number



    Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations


    Product Identification and Traceability


    Shop Order


    Job Tracking Card


    Material Control Label


    Ink & Paint Control Label


    Age Sensitive Material Label


    1. QNP acts to preserve product beginning with the receipt of materials from our suppliers, throughout internal processing, and until the delivery of completed parts to the customer.

    2. The processes for preservation include our own internally determined requirements to maintain conformity, as well as special customer requirements, and/or other applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Preservation processes also apply to constituent parts.

    3. Age sensitive raw materials are labeled with Material Control Labels, FM-743-01, or the Age Sensitive Material Label, FM-755-01. The shelf life of age sensitive materials is determined by QNP Management and Department Supervisors.

    4. Before using Age Sensitive Material or allocating it for an order, personnel should check the Material Control Label, FM-743-01, or the Age Sensitive Material Label, FM-755-01, to ensure that the shelf life has not expired. The Material Control Labels, FM-743-01, or the Age Sensitive Material Label, FM-755-01, may indicate that a MRB member must examine the material for suitability for use. If the material is suitable for use, the MRB member may approve the material for use and/or extend the shelf life of the material. Extension of the shelf life shall be recorded on the Material Control Labels, FM-743-01, or the Age Sensitive Material Label, FM-755-01, and a date for re-evaluation shall be defined.

    5. Parts left over from an order may be packaged for stock and labeled with an overrun/stock label which identifies product by;
      • Customer
      • Part Number and Revision
      • Shop Order
      • Quantity
      • Expiration Date of Adhesive
      • Date parts placed in stock

    6. Parts removed from a sample/overrun/stock area must be re-inspected by the same criteria as first run parts before being released to the customer.

    7. Required documents, such as certifications or first piece inspections, should be packaged to arrive with parts in such a way as to prevent loss or deterioration.

    8. QNP employees have received training about our FOD (Foreign Object Damage) prevention program. All employees are responsible for the prevention, detection, and removal of foreign objects from work stations and product..



    Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery
    The table below identifies the functions involved in this procedure and the actions associated with each function.




    Material is handled to preserve the quality of the job during production.

    • One-sided racks
    • Two sided racks.
    • Drying racks
    • Construction of new racks as required.

    Pre-masked material is unmasked as required during the job.

    Protective sheeting is placed between articles when required.

    Supervisors and Members of the Material Review Board have the authority to mark special handling instructions on the Quality Plan, FM-710-01. These instructions are designed to protect various products at different stages of production.


    Raw material is stored and labeled using a Material Control Label, FM-747-01. Some raw materials are identified by Vendor Supplied Labels. Ref: OP-753-01, Product Identification & Traceability

    Allocation of material is controlled through Job Tracking Cards used as Stock Requisition Cards, FM-710-02.

    Material is allocated for production on a first in-first out basis (FIFO)

    Hazardous materials are:

    • Handled by trained employees,
    • Kept in a specified, controlled / limited access area, and
    • Labeled with product information and/or special handling instructions.

    Paints and inks with "shelf-life" requirements are:

    • Labeled with an Ink and Paint Control Label, FM-743-02,
    • Stored according to the directions of QNP Management and the West Building Supervisor,
    • Purchased Just-In-Time (JIT),
    • Evaluated for suitability for use by the West Building Supervisor as necessary.


    QNP conducts stock audits of all storage areas biannually.

    Age sensitive material with adhesive is labeled with FM-743-01 or an Age Sensitive Material label, FM-755-01. Material that is found unsuitable for use is purged from inventory.

    Packaging Packaging should provide an appropriate level of protection to parts throughout delivery. Special customer packaging requirements are documented on the customer blueprint, shop order, or production inspection form.

    Part Marking and Labeling

    Product should be identified per OP-753-01 Product Identification and Traceability. Special customer marking and labeling requirements are agreed on by contract and can be found on the applicable customer blueprint, specification, QNP shop order, FM-710-01, or Production Inspection Form, FM-824-01.


    In order to ensure delivery of product, QNP packages according to carrier requirements:

    • UPS
    • Federal Express
    • Common Carrier

    Delivery requirements specified by a customer are by contract and documented on the applicable Shop Order.


    The retention duration for records referenced in this procedure are available on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.
    Records are maintained in accordance with OP-424-01 Control of Quality Records.


    Revision, approved date, effective date, and a document change summary for this document is located on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.