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Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints: OP-830-02 Revision C

Effective Date:1/25/2016
Owner Approval by Andrew Adams, Quality Assurance Manager, on 1/25/2016
Management Approval by Craig O. Garneau, President, on 1/25/2016

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    To establish a consistent method for resolving customer complaints regarding product quality at QNP.


    The table below identifies the people and their responsibility relating to this procedure:




    Vice President of Sales

    Customer Service Personnel

    Quality Assurance Team

    Point of contact for customers regarding product quality and service issues.

    Customer Service Personnel

    Initiate an Escape Form, FM-830-05, in response to a customer complaint.

    Forward correspondences and information regarding customer complaints to the quality assurance team

    Quality Assurance Personnel

    Issue Return Material Authroizations (RMA's) to customers.

    Resolve and follow up on logged complaints to the customer's satisfaction.

    Production Review Board (PRB)

    Generates corrective action requests, preventive action requests, and schedules audits based on reviews of customer complaints


    The table below identifies the number and the title of the forms and references that are applicable to this procedure;

    Form/Reference Number



    Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations

    OP-830-01 Control of Nonconforming Product
    FM-830-05 Escape Form


    1. The Escape Form, FM-830-05 is the document used to record a customer complaint and track follow up activites.

    2. Customer service personnel and members of the quality assurance team are authorized to take immediate action to resolve customer detected non conformances.

    3. The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring that customer complaints are processed in an efficient and timely manner.

    4. Customers must be notified immediately (not to exceed 24 hours) of any suspected nonconforming product that have been shipped regardless of destination.

    5. Trends in customer complaints shall be reviewed during Management Review Meetings, and used as a measure of customer satisfaction.


    Use the table below to initiate and resolve a customer complaint.



    Person(s) Responsible


    Customer contacts QNP regarding product quality or service concern.



    Gather information and evidence during the initial customer contact. Provide initial feedback to the customer as appropriate.

    Customer Service/Office Personnel


    Record information regarding the customer complaint on Escape Form, FM-830-05. Including;

    • The relevant Shop Order or Purchase Order Number
    • Part Number
    • Customer Name
    • Contact Name & Information
    • Description of the suspected problem/non-conformance

    Customer Service/Office Personnel


    Forward the Escape Form, FM-830-05 and any relevant information to a member of the Quality Assurance Team.

    Customer Service/Office Personnel


    Ask: Does the customer need to be contacted for additional information and/or samples?

    • If "Yes", go to Step 6.
    • If "No", go to Step 8.

    Quality Assurance Team


    Contact the customer and obtain information. Issue a Return Authorization Number if necessary.

    Quality Assurance Team


    Evaluate samples when they are returned. If appropriate, identify samples as "non-conforming" and dispose of properly.

    Non-conforming product is controlled and disposed of per OP-830-01, Control of Non-Conforming Product

    Quality Assurance Team


    Provide customer with feedback regarding the handling of the complaint as appropriate.

    • Parts are to be remade or reworked.
    • Contract is to be amended
    • Blueprint specifications are to be revised.
    • Customer CAR to be completed and returned

    Quality Assurance Team


    Process the Escape Form, FM-830-05 so that proper documentation of the action taken and follow up requirements are maintained. Ensure the complaint has been resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

    Quality Assurance Team


    Customer complaint data is reviewed by the PRB at Management Review Meetings and appropriate intervals. Action is taken in response to trends in repeating non-conformances. Information is used as a measurement of customer satisfaction, and for other quality related goals.

    Production Review Board


    The retention duration for records referenced in this procedure are available on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.
    Records are maintained in accordance with OP-424-01 Control of Quality Records.


    Revision, approved date, effective date, and a document change summary for this document is located on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.