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Corrective Action

Corrective Action: OP-852-01 Revision C

Effective Date:12-21-11
Owner Approval by Brian Darby, AS9100 Coordinator, on 12-21-11
Management Approval by Craig O. Garneau, President, on 12-21-11

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    To establish a consistent method for taking action to eliminate the cause of nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence.


    The table below identifies the people and their responsibility relating to this procedure:




    QNP Personnel

    Identify nonconforming product and process nonconformities, and communicate them to their supervisors.

    Department Supervisors

    Communicate nonconformances to QNP Management either verbally or through an Escape Form, FM-830-05

    Identify and forward data relative to correcting nonconforming product and processes to Management.

    Provide corrective action plans to Management as assigned.

    QNP Management

    Review data on reported nonconformances on a regular basis.

    Establish and implement plans to correct, improve or prevent nonconformances.

    Quality Assurance Team

    Initiate, monitor and track corrective action requests.

    Assist Department Supervisors in establishing and implementing corrective action plans.

    Provide input to the establishment of a corrective action plan to Management

    Follow up on Corrective Action Requests to ensure they are carried out properly and measure their effectiveness.


    The table below identifies the number and the title of the forms and references that are applicable to this procedure;

    Form/Reference Number



    Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations

    OP-741-01 Purchasing


    Internal Audits


    Production Inspections


    Customer Complaints


    Escape Form


    Corrective Action Request Form


    1. Corrective action refers to the:
      • Identification of a problem causing nonconforming product.
      • Analysis of the process and/or its components to isolate the deviation, and
      • Implementation of a course of action to correct the problem.

    2. Corrective actions shall be measured for effectiveness by Management through:
    3. A Corrective Action Request (CAR), FM-852-01, is a form used to:
      • document and formalize a course of action designed to resolve a problem, or
      • improve a process related to production.

    4. The Corrective Action Request is generated by;
      • QNP Management
      • a customer
      • any person designated by QNP Management.

    5. Corrective Action Requests, FM-852-01, are assigned a unique serial number, and should be coded with a prefix appropriate to the nature of the CAR;
      • P = Process/Product Nonconformance Corrective Action Request
      • A = Internal Audit Corrective Action Request
      • C = Customer Complaint Corrective Action Request
      • E = External/Customer Audit Corrective Action Request
      • S = Supplier Corrective Action Request
      • X = Preventive Action Request

    6. The Corrective Action Request Form shall contain:
      • Evidence of the nonconformance
      • Nature of nonconformance
      • Root cause of the nonconformance
      • Action taken to prevent recurrence of the nonconformance
      • Evidence of the effectiveness of the corrective action plan

    7. Management will determine an appropriate time frame for the activities outlined in the CAR, as well as a time frame for any follow up activities.

    8. When the corrective action process has determined the cause of a non-conformity, it should be determined if additional non-conforming product exists due to the cause, and if further action is required.

    9. Management is responsible for periodically reviewing open corrective actions to ensure that they are being investigated, acted upon, followed up for effectiveness and closed in a timely manner. The amount of time appropriate to complete a corrective action request shall depend of the nature and severity of the non-conformance, the scope of the action required, and the risk that QNP's customers may receive non-conforming product.

    10. QNP's top management shall take appropriate action when timely and effective corrective actions are not achieved. Possible actions may include:
      • Re-assessment of the priority of the CAR.
      • Re-assignment of due dates and/or personnel responsible.
      • Initiating a CAR or special audit to determine the breakdown in the Corrective Action process.

    11. The process for flowing down corrective action requirements to a supplier that is responsible for product non-conformities is defined in OP-741-01 Purchasing.



    5.1 Implementation of Corrective Action

    Use the steps in the following table to implement a corrective action.



    Person(s) Responsible


    Review one or more of the following inputs:

    • Escape form, FM-830-05
    • Audit finding
    • Customer complaints
    • Trends of process nonconformances
    • Trends of product nonconformances

    QNP Management

    Quality Assurance Team


    Determine that action can be taken to prevent the recurrence of product or process nonconformances

    QNP Management

    Quality Assurance Team


    Describe the problem in the appropriate area of the Corrective Action Request FM-852-01, and forward to the appropriate personnel for root cause analysis.

    QNP Management

    Quality Assurance Team


    Perform root cause analysis of the described problem to achieve a thorough understanding of the causes of the nonconformance, and document on the Corrective Action Request FM-852-01.

    Assigned Personal

    5. Develop a corrective action plan to eliminate the causes of the nonconformance, and document on the Corrective Action Request FM-852-01. Assigned Personal
    6. Implement the corrective action plan as described in Step 5 and record the results on the Corrective Action Request FM-852-01. Assigned Personal
    7. Wait sufficient time and collect objective evidence that the corrective action plan has been effective and document on the Corrective Action Request FM-852-01. If it is determined that the corrective action plan has not been effective, return to Step 4 Assigned Personal
    8. When effectiveness has been determined, close out the Corrective Action Form, FM-852-01, and report results to Management. Assigned Personal
    9. Review corrective actions and their results in Management Review Meetings to ensure the continuing effectiveness and continual improvement of the Quality Management System QNP Management


    The retention duration for records referenced in this procedure are available on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.
    Records are maintained in accordance with OP-424-01 Control of Quality Records.


    Revision, approved date, effective date, and a document change summary for this document is located on-line in the FM-423-01 Master Document List with Revision History.