Quality Name Plate AS9100 Quality System


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QNP Customers

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Quality Manual and Operating Procedures

Note: QNP in the process of transitioning from revision C to D of the AS9100 quality standard.
We are revising and numbering our internal documents to reflect the current numbering system.
Inactive links represent documents that are being drafted, but have yet to be officially issued.
AS9100D Format AS9100C Format

4 Context of the Organization

QM-44-01 QNP Quality Policy Manual

QM-421-01 Quality Manual


6 Planning

OP-61-01 Risk Management

OP-853-01 Preventive Action


7 Support

OP-71-01 Control of Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment OP-760-01 Control of Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment
OP-75-01 Control of Documented Information  

8 Operation

OP-81-01 Quality Planning

OP-82-01 Review of Contract Requirements  
OP-82-02 UTAS Operating Procedure  
OP-82-03 Change Impact Analysis  
OP-84-01 Purchasing  
SR-84-01 QNP Supplier Quality Requirements  
OP-84-02 Verification of Purchased Product  
OP-84-03 Counterfeit Avoidance and Mitigation  
OP-85-01 FOD Program  
OP-85-02 Product Identification and Traceability OP-753-01 Product Identification and Traceability
OP-753-02 Inspection and Test Status
OP-85-03 Control of Customer Property  
OP-85-04 Identification and Preservation of Product

OP-755-01 Preservation of Product

OP-85-05 Control and Issuance of Stamps  
OP-86-01 Production Inspections  
OP-87-01 Control of Nonconforming Outputs OP-830-01Control of Non-Conforming Product
WI-87-01 Customer Complaints  


9 Performance Evaluation

OP-91-01 Customer Satisfaction


OP-92-01 Internal Quality Audits  

10 Improvement

OP-102-01 Corrective Action